SportCount, Inc., makes the world’s best lap counters and timers, all designed to make exercise more productive and fun. What makes them so great? They are really easy to use. No need to program them or remember another password. Just push a button to record each lap. Simple one-handed operation won’t disrupt your exercise so you are finally free to concentrate on something other than what lap you are on.

SportCount’s versatile products can be used for all kinds of sports, including swimming, running, and cycling. Our products are also used for lots of non-sport activities, including science experiments, cooking, inventory counting and more.

There is a SportCount model that is just right for every use. Here’s a brief summary to help you find the right model for you. For more detailed information about each model, click the “Purchase on Amazon” which will show you more detail about a specific product.

The SportCount 200 LapCounter & Timer
is our top of the line model. It records 200 laps of individual lap times and provides summary data.

The SportCount LapCounter and Timer
counts and times laps and displays summary data.

The SportCount LapCounter
simply counts—laps, miles, reps, or anything else.

The SportCount Pace Trainer
is the most convenient device for competitors who want to train using modern race pace interval training techniques.

The SportCount Stopwatch
is a basic stopwatch with start, stop and reset functions.

The SportCount Countdown Timer
counts down from set times for repetitive activities like stretching routines, physical therapy reps, etc.

The SportCount Bike Timer
includes an extended band to fit on bike handle bars. It records lap times and provides summary data.

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