battery replacement

The batteries on your SportCount device should last at least one year, depending on normal use. If you see the screen becoming dimmer, and/or the display goes blank, you may need a new battery.

It is possible to replace the battery yourself with a CR1216 or CR 2016 or CR2032 battery (depends on model; check your instructions). However, please note that it can be tricky to replace the O ring perfectly in order to keep the product waterproof.

We recommend that you send your SportCount in to us for battery replacement to be sure that it is done correctly. The charge for battery replacement on all products is $14.95, and that includes the cost of shipping it back to you.

Please send your product to this address using the shipping method of your choice. Remember to include your name, address, and an email address and daytime phone number so we can reach you if there are any questions

SportCount, Inc.
4330 East West Hwy
Suite 310
Bethesda, MD 20814

SportCount Inc.

4350 East West Hwy
Suite 520
Bethesda, MD 20814

(301) 961-5940