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What Our Customers Have to Say:


“This for me is just what the doctor ordered.”
— Darrel Green, NFL Hall of Fame member, former Redskins cornerback


“What a pleasure to use. Every swimmer on this planet should have one!!!”
— Peter, San Diego, California

“This timing device is the best solution. If frees up coaches to focus on technique.”

– Dr. Brent Rushall, developer of USRPT


“The SportCount lap-counter ring does the aquatic tallying while you contemplate pending mergers or upcoming dinner dates.”
— GQ Magazine

“The one hand operation of SportCount helps me train better without interrupting the flow of my workout.”
— Rich Kenah, Runners World US Runner of the Year

“Biomechanically better than conventional sport watches!”
— Frank Shorter, gold medalist in the Olympic Marathon

“I definitely love SportCount. They are comfortable, unobtrusive and handy to accurately track splits and times in the pool, much more so than reaching across to a wrist watch. For those who train under USRPT, there is nothing better!”

-Cokie Lepinski, USMS Coach of the Year

I am extremely pleased with the performance of your product. It really adds to the swim workout when you can quantify it with laps and average lap time.
— Brian, Illinois

“A great gizmo for anyone who walks, runs, or swims.”
— Fitness Magazine

“If you have better things to think about than the number of lengths you’ve covered in the pool, look into the SportCount, a clever, compact counter/timer that you strap to your forefinger and click with your thumb as you finish each lap.”
— Fitness Swimmer

“Probably the best thing about the tiny timer is that it liberates you from mentally counting laps. An easy, nearly reflexive movement by your thumb records the lap change.”
— Triathlete Magazine

“Your product is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”
— Nancy, Kansas

“Best stopwatch we’ve ever used at CORE10 Pilates! Leaves us hands-free to teach the class and jump on the reformer when we need to demonstrate.
— Wendy, Omaha


“For many swimmers, the hardest thing is keeping track of laps. SportCount takes frustration out of lap swimming. “
— Details Magazine

“Forget which lap you’re on? Slip a SportCount digital sports timer on to your index finger. It tracks laps, total time and split times with the touch of your thumb.”
— Shape Magazine

“My friend lent me his SportCount, and I must say it’s ace. “
— Peter, Canberra, Australia”

“Its one-hand operation doesn’t affect your tumble turns and takes all of your splits.”
— Nigel, London, England


“The lap counter ring from SportCount has a large button that’s an easy target for wet fingers.”
— Self Magazine

Those days of messing with ergonomically unsound timers have passed. “
— American Runner Magazine

“I teach yoga and it’s perfect! I like the fact that it has just the single button to start, stop and reset. That makes it easy to use. I can operate it without stopping the class to find the right button to push.”
— Amanda, Birmingham



I wouldn’t run without it!
— Decal, Pennsylvania


“Perfect for swimming, track, cross-country, and football.
— Scholastic Coach

“Very satisfied with the ease of use and consistency/accuracy of its times.”

-Glen Gruber- National Masters Champion and World Record Holder

“If hitting the wrong button is a problem with your current watch, try the finger-mounted SportCount. A thumb is all it takes.”
— Running Times

“far superior to standard sport watches.
— Greg Petrosian, Olympic long jumper and coach

“I have relied on SportCount during youth soccer games as center ref. It worked great, was simple to use, and did not slip on my finger. Outstanding product!”
— Troy,  Soccer Coach

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